Testing and Calibration

Testing & Calibration of Medical Equipment

Testing and calibration of bio-medical equipment to ensure quality control in equipment is becoming increasingly significant today when patient safety, accuracy in diagnosis and effectiveness  in treatment cannot be compromised at all. With India emerging as a world leader in healthcare industry, this will be a major yardstick for the assessment of quality control in any hospital. Testing and calibration of equipment ensures accuracy, effectiveness ,safety of patient as well as users and long life of equipment, which ultimately enables one to achieve the highest degree of quality control. It is mandatory that hospital diagnostic and therapeutic equipment are tested by accredited agencies.

Our Testing and Calibration Facility

In our facility, we can test systems to confirm whether they perform as per designed standards. Adjustments to systems are also possible. Reputation of AERB, NABL etc will be followed. We have at present advanced test equipment with traceability to primary and secondary standards.

Electro-Medical Testing

Radiology Testing

Download HLL Biomedical Testing and Calibration Brochure

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